When Adam Met Atom

My creative philosophies are united by eternal values, and revival of spirituality, which serves as the impetus to reconnect with a mode of life most of us have only ever heard about. It's this driving power that motivates my search for EMOTIONAL TRUTH. I believe that color and geometry can greatly affect how we perceive this meaning and symbolism. We use symbols to express something, a feeling, an object or a concept. Symbols are the building blocks of communication and consciousness. Inside each and every one of us lies primitive memories that are genetic. When we look at these symbols in my artwork; I believe they can connect us with that primitive part of ourselves. I believe this search for Truth can allow us to glimpse the deepest levels of our belief systems and - gives us brief glimpse of Our Creator. Through color and form, I create resonances and contrasts that impact the viewer's emotional being. I also use geometric, quantum, molecular, scientific, and ancient symbols to create meaning for the viewer. The viewer is left free to think about existence by reacting to the balance of colour and form. Ultimately, I hope in revealing This Truth by using geometry, science, color, and emotion; that it can help address the anxious, and confusing relationship many people have with this modern world seeking their own space.

I've worked so hard at this collection I hope it moves the viewer as much as it has me...

All the artwork tells the story this far, and it's titled: "WHEN ADAM MET ATOM".

© ArtByFranco

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