Franco is Chicago resident born in Malawi, a small country in equatorial Africa. At the age of 9 he began painting, carving and drawing with his Grandfather who was a sculptor.


After moving to USA Franco stopped creating and making ART. Then, while living in Chicago, the news of the passing of his beloved Grandfather brought him back to creating.


He has been expressing himself through painting for a relatively short time, but he has demonstrated his unique vision for the greater part of his life. And during a difficult time when he was dealing with depression, he found his unique voice through paintings and the unifying power of ART which brought him harmony and healing.


The positive response from the art community for his work fed his desire to find and explore his EMOTIONAL TRUTH. He began studying color, and form via various philosophies of art. The result is his unique blend of surrealistic, abstract art which captures the imagination, and frees the mind. 

Since beginning this journey Franco has captured the attention of many such as becoming a featured artist at the CHICAGO INNOVATION AWARD, RAW ARTIST CHICAGO, ART EXPO NEW YORK 2015, SCOPE ART SHOW at ART BASEL. He currently has work on display at the CONRAD HILTON Chicago and in many collectors private residences. His first gallery showing is with the AMSTERDAM WHITNEY International FINE ART GALLERY in CHELSEA, NEW YORK opening to acclaimed reviews.


He was awarded the prestigious LEONARDO DAVINCI International PRIZE in January 2016, and is currently a featured artist with GLOBAL ART AWARDS 2017


Franco's artwork has been featured in the May, June and July issue of British GQ MAGAZINE and in the British VOGUE CENTURY EDITION and exhibited at the TOKYO INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 13-14 May 2016.